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What We Do Best

Connecting local families and college students for part time work, including sitters, drivers and tutors.


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Why College Students?

  • Perfect for flexible, weekend and part time work.

  • Paid on average $15 per hour

  • More mature than high schoolers, more energetic than older care givers.

  • Excited to apply their studies, such as education and nursing.

Who Is Sitterly?

Our Community and Team of Future Builders


A community of families and students dedicated to investing in each other’s future success.

Families working at

Accenture, Barclays, CNN, Deloitte, E&Y, Forbes, Goldman Sachs, Google​, HP​, Merill Lynch, NYT, Pfizer, PwC, WSJ, JPMorgan, many more

Student sitters at

Seton Hall University, University of North Texas, University of Portland, George Mason University, George Washington University and surrounding universities


Provide families and college students resources to connect and to invest in each other’s future success.

Ayla Coles

GW Campus Partner
GW School of Business student, focusing on international business and economics. Looking to broaden student opportunities.

Ethan Nie

GW Campus Partner
Sophomore at the GW School of Business, learning the basic building blocks for business administration while growing familiar with the way numbers are related to each other in various forms.

Hannah Gerardo

Family Partner, NJ

Janis Broder

Campus Partner, NJ

Maura Kolkmeyer

Founder, CEO
Founder, CEO. Future Builder. Seton Hall grad. I became a part of the families I cared for, they are my inspiration, foundation and future. #WeAreSitterly=Sitter+Family
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