January 25, 2017

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What are Sitterly Group Memberships?

Sitterly Group Memberships are Sitterly Circle Memberships sold in bulk for distribution to employees, members, and customers alike.

A single Sitterly Circle membership provides one family the ability to search, view, and contact local student sitters for part time/flexible childcare. Instead of purchasing a single membership, companies, organizations and businesses may purchase bulk memberships at a discounted rate to provide exclusively to their members, customers and or employees as an added benefit. 

Who are Sitterly Group Memberships ideal for?

Sitterly Group Memberships are ideal for companies and organizations who care deeply about their employee, member and customer welfare. They take pride in supporting work-life balance and going the extra mile for their people.

Group Memberships are perfect for…

  • Employers, to provide an additional benefit to employees to help reduce childcare costs and unexpected days out of the office
  • Gyms to help their members find flexible childcare in order to find the time to work out
  • Schools to help parents find care for in-service days, holidays and after school
  • Universities to provide faculty an additional benefit and opportunity to support their own students
  • Businesses interested in providing their customers additional services and value
  • Community organizations to help members find local flexible care to attend community events and strengthen community relationships
  • Doctor’s offices to help parents find occasional flexible care in order to attend appointments

Why Group Memberships?

Today, parents face the highest childcare costs in history. These costs add more pressure to hardworking parents, negatively impacting their health, performance, relationships and overall wellbeing.

In the past 40 years, demand for childcare has nearly doubled as a result of over 60% of the workforce becoming dual working parents and the rise in single parent households.

  • Out of pocket childcare costs have doubled in past 30 years, often outpacing 2 incomes
  • Childcare costs increased x2 fast as overall prices since 2009
  • $214.05/per week for after school care, increasing at over+8% per year
  • 10% of two incomes spent on childcare

How Group Memberships Work

  1. Purchase the number of memberships needed
  2. Distribute the memberships as you see fit to members, employees, customers via your Group Manager dashboard

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