May 28, 2016


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  • 1. What do sitter profiles contain?

    Sitterly students voluntarily submit contact, school, background, mobility and availability information. We aim to provide you complete transparency and control. With a membership you may:

    • View student sitter social media profiles
    • Send/Receive private messages
    • View Ratings & Reviews
    • View contact information
    • View resume and other background information
  • 2. What do family profiles contain?

    Family profiles contain a few pieces of information that sitters need to understand what the job entails! This includes a contact email address, commitment needed, children's ages, and general location. You can also add preferences, such as a gender preference or whether or not the sitter should drive.

  • 3. Trouble logging in?

    Please reset your password, check your spam, try using a different browser. If you still are having trouble, request a temporary password via the contact form in the bottom right corner of your screen.

  • 4. How do I cancel my membership?

    Super easy, cancel any time  via this link or  the ‘Membership’ tab in your account

  • 5. If I try the service for a month and then cancel, would I be able to rejoin later?

    Absolutely! We are here to support you and your family. You may join anytime.

  • 6. Password Reset Not Working

    Please try using a different browser. If you still are having trouble, request a temporary password via the contact form in the bottom right corner of your screen.

  • 7. How much does it cost?

    For students, FREE. Always. Our Mission is to support you and help you build your future.

    For families view 

    Family Membership

  • 8. On average, how much do sitters change per hour?

    The average is around $15/hour, but it depends on the student and where they're working.

  • 9. How are members verified?

    Student members in order to make their profile searchable to other members are required to have:

    • Active '.edu' email
    • Upload a picture of their student ID
    • Submit to a background check
    • Provide LinkedIn Profile link
    • Maintain good ratings and reviews

    Verification in the form of a third party background check may be completed upon request from a family for a small fee. Some student sitters have already passed background checks. Sitterly does not endorse or recommend users nor guarantee the accuracy of information. At Sitterly security and a quality community is our highest priority. We believe your intuition as a parent is the best way to verify someone is the perfect fit for your family. We aim to give you transparency and control in selecting a sitter.

    Family members are required to

    • Complete a Family profile
    • Provide a LinkedIn profile link
    • Pay for access to search and view full sitter profiles
    • Maintain good ratings and reviews

    If you wish to report a user please do so here via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

  • 10. How do I contact other members?

    Complete your free profile to search and contact other members directly. Families must purchase a membership to search full sitter profiles and contact student sitters.


  • 11. As a student, how do I find a family?

    To maximize your profile and matches:

    • Post/View the job board
    • Update your profile with current availability in the "Summarize your availability" field and the "About Me" section on the top, include the days/times and little bit about you
    • Search Families and reach out to families that have viewed your profile by calling, emailing or messaging
  • 12. What are the terms of service and where can I find them?

    Our terms of service include family and sitter responsibilities, definitions, and more, and can be found here!

  • 13. How do I unsubscribe from a Community Board?

    Navigate to the "Forums" section of your profile. From the menu below, select "Subscriptions." Simply click the "x" next to the title of the board to stop receiving emails.

  • 14. What type of background checks does Sitterly perform? Do you have a list of pay rates by area/children ages?

    We do not perform background check or verify information. While we strive to maintain up to date information accuracy is not guaranteed, members submit their information at will. We aim to provide you transparency and control to help you decide who is right for you. Profiles contain, contact, references, reviews, social links, background information and a picture of their student ID.

    Pay is up to members to determine, on average we see $15/hour is a starting rate.

  • 15. How do I cancel Membership?

    Super simple, we only want you to pay for what your use,  cancel here anytime

    Note this is only applicable if you have a recurring subscription, if you wish to indicate job filled or unavailable simply update your profile accordingly here


  • 16. What are some tips for students?
  • 17. What are the best ways to message families?
  • 18. Who contacts who?

    We recommend using all information in member profiles to contact students and families! The more proactive the better.