Kids Are My Heroes

Mitch knows how to impress! He had is Mom drive him to Starbucks just to give out tulips to everyone he saw.

Mitch swaggered into Starbucks with a handful of red and yellow tulips.  None of the baristas or annoyed customers in line noticed.  But I noticed. His smile exuded pure innocence. He made a beeline for my corner table. With a toothless grin he handed me a flower.

Gratitude and surprise quickly melted away thoughts of work, smoothing my furroughed brow into a speechless smile.

According to his mom he does this often, “I don’t know why” she said, “It’s his thing”.


Why would this little boy pick flowers and ask his mom to drive him somewhere to hand them out to complete strangers?

He didn’t even have his Mom buy him a drink!

Mitch would say, because it makes people happy.  Plain and simple.

He does it because of people’s reactions. The surprise, the smiles, the thankfulness and sincerity Mitch receives with each flower is intoxicating to watch. For Mitch, I am sure it is even more intoxicating to receive. No one can resist such a kind act, especially from a child.

Mitch, and kids like him, are my heroes. They remind me:

  • Genunine authenticity matters most
  • To give without pretense or expectation
  • Focused sincerity and generosity creates lasting impact
  • Making people smile is the greatest gift of all

He reminds me why I started Sitterly Students, to build the futures of kids, families and college students.  As a college student sitter I became fascinated with how my time with the kids I cared for impacted both me and them.  I became more self aware, as I made them meals, played on the playground, drove them to activities, helped them with homework, and taught them to read. I noticed my mood, actions and words influenced them and vice versa.

I recalled the people in my childhood who impacted me, and realized the profound impact 1 person  may have on a child’s future.

Mitch’s acts positively impact people’s lives in a big way.

Afterall, Mitch’s simple act of kindness inspired this post which I hope makes you smile and that you will share to make someone else smile.

I created Sitterly to help connect local college student sitters and families, to help kids like him grow up with a strong foundation for a successful future.

We have a lot to learn from Mitch. Who are you surprising with generosity and sincerity?

Why do you think Mitch does it?

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