Campus Partner

Campus Partners (ALL Locations)

Do you want to help people build their futures? achieve their dreams?

Do you love connecting people?

Do you often organize events?

Are you involved in many different social organizations on campus?

Are you highly organized, proactive, self-directed, and detail-oriented?

If this sounds like you, you already have the creds to be an awesome Campus Partner at your university.

Why are Campus Partners important?

Building futures takes a strong community. A strong, loving, supportive and active community. It is the campus partner’s responsibility to help cultivate this community. Since they are on campus they are at the center, finger on the pulse, head on a swivel, actively supporting members, providing opportunities for members to interact, engage and support each other in developing their future success. They have the opportunity to test, learn and develop their own skills.

A campus partner loves bringing people together, sees opportunity everywhere, is a ‘connector’ of people, is entrepreneurial,  does not ask for permission, a doer, prefers to interacting with people and thrives on helping people succeed.

Campus Partner Roles & Responsibilities

Campus partners are responsible for increasing Sitterly student engagement on campus, this includes:

  1. Increasing interaction among student members
  2. Increasing new student members
  3. Providing students support/resources/opportunities

How do we measure this?

It is really simple, successful campus partners achieve the following every week:

  • Key Results Areas
    • New Student Testimonials AT associated university
    • New Student Members AT associated university
    • Completed Student Profiles associated university

[Suggested] methods for success 

Campus Partners have a finger on the pulse of the university, are always looking for opportunities to contribute value to Sitterly students. Here are a few suggestions. Ideally Campus Partners are entrepreneurial and take initiative to develop relationships and propose creative opportunities to grow and cultivate the Sitterly community

  • Utilize the local brand in brand materials
  • Design/post marketing materials (e.g., flyers)
  • Develop relationships with student groups to increase awareness (e.g., greek life, newspaper etc)
  • Increase awareness of Socials with students (e.g.,Facebook group, Twitter)
  • Actively reach out to and support students in their search for part time work and career development (utilizing Sitterly resources
  • Evaluate university resources for opportunities to grow members (e.g., Career Center)
  • Host/Co-host campus events
  • Develop relationships with student members to receive and document feedback, testimonials etc

Required qualifications, skills or academic credentials

  • Provide 1 page strategy of how you will meet the KRA’s above
  • You love people
  • You love seeing people succeed
  • You love hard work
  • You love learning new things


  • Remote work possible, access to campus required

Application procedure

  • Provide one page or one slide strategy of how you will meet the KRA’s listed above
  • Contact us here

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